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How to Know he is going to propose?

I’m with my boyfriend for eight years now, and he proposed to me last week. I should have known that he will pop the question when he started to leave the toilet seat down. It was our eighth anniversary and I had asked him if he wanted to do something special to celebrate the day, to which he responded with a simple “nah, I’m tired these days, we can just go for a walk.” I was furious, but little did I know he was preparing himself to pop the question.

He acts weird and nervous

Yesterday he told me that he did not know how to choose the perfect diamond engagement rings. And it is true; finding the perfect diamond ring can be quite challenging. There are two rings every couple will buy in their lifetimes: engagement rings and weddings rings. Many young couples visit a jewelry store together in order to choose the rings for engagement accordingly. My boyfriend however did not tell me anything, and he was acting very nervous lately. I do not blame him; when are going to propose, men start to act weird because they are nervous and panicked. If your man is acting weird, and he is constantly telling you that he loves you, he is doing that because he wants to make sure that your answer will be “Yes!”

He is concerned about saving money

We all know that diamonds are a girls’ best friends. Average diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings cost more than $4,000. Therefore, if your boyfriend is suddenly very concerned about saving money, there is a big chance that he is saving up for something very big. If he spends the Saturday nights cuddling with you instead of playing poker with the guys, be careful; a proposal might be on the horizon. Also, if he uses words like “we” and “our” instead of “I”, “me”, and “my”, one of those beautiful diamond rings you have always dreamed of will soon be on your left hand.

He is snooping around your rings

My boyfriend… I mean, my fiancé was afraid of commitments when we started dating. However, later he started with those “Girl, I want to marry you” questions, like how I see myself in ten years, what I think about children, etc. Once you hear these questions from your boyfriend, you should know that he is showing the classic signs for settling down. If he, or your brother, or your friend asks you about your ring finger size, you can start getting used to your new name. My boyfriend and I were walking down the beach when he told me he could not imagine his future without me. Then he had dropped on his knee and showed me a beautiful princess cut engagement ring. He knew that princes cut diamond rings are my favorite. It was all very beautiful, I said yes, and then we both laughed at how nervous he was those days. Looking back, all the signs for a proposal were right in front of me.

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